There are a lot of scams out there that should be brought to peoples
attention. Don't be fooled by people offering English Bulldogs for
cheap. If you are serious about purchasing a bulldog expect to pay
around $2500.00. Be suspicious of anything less.

There are a lot of scams out there that are selling their puppies for
$500- $1800 and will ask you to send money via Western union etc.
and they will ship you the puppy. When you get to the airport to pick
your puppy up there is no puppy. You will be very upset and will
have gone through a horrible experience. So don't be afraid to ask for
references and to make contact with those references. If your unsure
don't be afraid to call the CKC and see if the breeder is in good

If a breeder refuses to talk to you by phone be suspicious. Reputable
breeders don't mind taking the time to talk to people and answering  
any questions that they might have about the breed.

Be aware of puppy mills and puppy brokers. Don't be afraid to ask to
if you can visit the puppies. When you go to see the puppies or to pick
out your puppy don't be afraid to ask some questions. Some good
questions to ask are to see the mother of the litter (and look for signs
that she is actually the mother). Ask to see the living conditions of
both mom and pups. As well as  how many litters they produce a year,
any health conditions they may have. A reputable breeder should have
nothing to hide.

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