Helpful Hints
You may find that when you bring your new bully baby
home that he cries at night and keeps you up, that's
because all of this is new to him. You have to remember
that he has just left everything he knows and everything
that made him feel safe behind. You may find that giving
him a stuffed toy (with eyes, nose and any small parts
removed) will help to make him feel not so lonely.
Another trick that might help is to put a ticking clock
close to his bed. They find this soothing as it sounds a lot
like a heart beat. It helps to put a night light near his bed
as it will also make him feel safer, it gives him the ability
to be aware of his surroundings at all times. Make a spot
in your house that is just his. This gives him somewhere
that he can feel safe as well as gives him somewhere to
go when he wants to be left alone. Try to get him in to a
routine and stick with it. Bulldogs don't like a lot of
Having a new puppy is a lot like having a child, they require a lot of love and attention.
They depend on you for food, fresh water and exercise. They need to be taught what
is right and what is wrong. They need to be praised when they've done right, and told
when they've done wrong. Bulldogs don't read minds and unless you teach them they
won't know.  When training your puppy be sure to use a firm strong voice but
remaining calm at all times. This will let him know who's in charge. You need to be
patient during the training  period stick with it, don't give up. Bulldogs are stubborn
and persistent and can try your patients just remember that your in charge and that
they're still learning. If you get frustrated and worked up while training your puppy
they will sense this and it will make it more difficult to train them. Staying calm will go
along way.

Remember that just like kids puppies can get into everything be aware of things in
your house, or even outside your house that could be harmful or
toxic to your puppy.

Bulldogs have a lot of wrinkles. Make sure your daily routine includes cleaning the
wrinkles and drying them. Doing this will help to prevent rashes, infection, and other
skin problems. Baby wipes make cleaning your puppies wrinkles easy. Be sure to use
baby wipes that don't have a perfume in them. Try to get wipes that are
Hypo-Allergenic or perfume free and don't forget to dry them when your done wiping
them. Giving your puppy a bath to keep him clean is a good idea as well just
remember not to over bath him as you can take the natural oils out of his coat and this
can cause problems as well.
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You should never leave them unattended in a collar as it is very easy for
them to get it caught on something and choke or even hang themselves.
Collars can also have a hand in causing
cherry eye. We control with out
pulling on your puppies neck. As your puppy becomes a full grown dog he
will become strong and a harness will help you to have better control of
your dog without causing him harm.

In the heat of the summer just like humans, bulldogs can suffer from
stroke. Be sure to provide plenty of fresh cold water, and keep their outside
activities to minimum. Ice is a great summer time treat, it will help in
keeping your puppy cool on hot days. Not all bulldogs are swimmers. Just
like children they should never be left unattended near water. If your going
to have your bulldog around water you might want to consider a doggy life
jacket but even with the life jacket they should never be left alone.

Like humans bulldogs can have
allergies to bee stings, bug bites, different
types of food, and even perfumes if they have a reaction give them
benadryl.  You can also apply ice to the area where the dog was stung. If
you find that your puppy is having an allergic reaction and is breaking out in
hives or has trouble breathing get him to a vet right away.
Be sure not to leave things lying around your house that your puppy shouldn't chew on. If you do they will
find it! Puppies chew to help ease their aching gums. Chewing is a simple behaviour that needs to be
redirected. When your puppy is chewing on something that he shouldn't tell him "NO" and give him a toy
that is okay for him to chew on. Also give him praise when you see him chewing on a toy that is  
appropriate. Once your puppy gets through the teething stage the chewing should slow down. You bulldog
them. Raw hide also does not digest.

If your going to be travelling with your bulldog be sure it's wearing a doggy seatbelt and that your prepared
with plenty of water for the trip. Teach your puppy proper socialization skills, let him get use to people and
other animals. This will make trips away from home easier. Another good idea is a puppy play pen. It's easy
to set up and take down and you can take it any where with you. It's great inside and out. It comes in very
handy if you don't have a fenced in yard.

Bulldogs are a lot like kids in may ways. They love getting attention, and they will let you know in their own
way that they're not feeling well. Be sure to watch for signs like not eating or drinking, not playing, or things
that are out of the ordinary for your puppy these are little things that should tell you some thing is not right.
In most cases a dogs temperature is normal from 100.5 to 102.

Bulldogs can be very stubborn, puppy training classes is something you might want to consider. This will
also give your puppy the chance to learn to socialize with others.

When storing your dog food, store it in the bag in a container. You want to keep as much air out of your dog
food as possible this will keep the food fresh longer. We don't like eating stale food so why should our loved