Bringing Your New Puppy Home
When picking up your puppy be sure that you have allotted time to talk with the breeder. There will most likely be paperwork to sign and the
breeder will want to go over things with you and answer any questions that you have.

Arriving Home With Your New Puppy
Before taking your puppy into your home you should walk him around the yard and let him relieve himself. Let him scope out his new
surroundings and be sure to show him his new bed. Puppies love new smells they can be very exciting. Let him explore and become familiar
with his surroundings before introducing new areas. You should offer your puppy something to eat and drink shortly after arriving home this
will help him to find where his food and water bowl are located. After he finishes eating take him right outside to do his business. You should
do this every time after he eats. This will establish a routine for him and puppies do well with routine.  Be sure to praise your puppy when he
has done good.

Most puppies will cry at night when you first bring them home this is because they are lonely. They are use to having litter mates. You need to
establish a routine. There are also a few tricks you can try if you find that your puppy cries or whines. If you put a stuffed animal in the puppies
bed with him and put a ticking clock beside him. The clock sounds like a heart beat and stuffed animal gives him the feeling of not being alone.
Also you can leave a night light on this allows the puppy to be aware of its surroundings at all times. Play with your puppy before bedtime this
will tire him out and help him sleep.  

Over the course of the next little while you will need to teach your puppy your rules. He must learn that no means no and that good behavior
get lots of praise and even sometimes treats. He will have to learn where he is allowed to wonder and where in the home is off limits. Puppy
training needs to start right away. It is not something that you can start a couple of weeks from now. The longer you hold off the harder its
going to be.  When your puppy misbehaves don't pick it up. This is a form of affection and it will think that it has done good. You need to tell
him "no" in a firm voice. Training takes patience & persistences. Your puppy will not learn all the rules in just one day. This will take time
especially with a bulldog as they can be very stubborn. You need to establish that you are the leader.

Maintaining Your Puppy
There are few things that you will need to do on a regular basis to maintain your puppies health. In order to do this there are a few things you
are going to need.

You Will Need:

* Vaseline                                * Ear cleaning solution
* Q-tips                                    * Brush
* Cotton Balls                          * Shampoo
* Baby Wipes                          * Nail clippers
* Thermometer                        * Kleenex
* Ear cleaner                           * Towels

English bulldogs requires their wrinkles to be cleaned on  a regular basis to do this you can use either baby wipes or a wash cloth and warm
water. Be sure that if you use baby wipes that you get the non scented ones.  After wiping your bullies wrinkles with the baby wipes or wash
cloth take a paper towel and dry under the wrinkles. If you don't keep the wrinkles clean and dry you can run into problems with skin
infections. You will also have to clean your puppies ears on a regular basis they can get pretty dirty. This is where the ear cleaning solution
(which you can get at your vets office) the Q-tips and cotton balls come in handy. Just put some ear cleaning solution on the cotton ball and
gently clean the ear. Be sure not to push to hard or go to deep as you do not want to hurt the puppy. You can use the Q-tips for the hard to
reach spots. If you keep your puppies ears clean they will not be as prone to ear infections. When bathing your bulldog keep in mind that you
do not want to bath your puppy to frequently you will take all the natural oils out of its skin. You can also use the cotton balls to put in your
puppies ears to keep from getting water in them. After bathing your puppy it is always good to give him a good brushing. Another good tip is to
use Vaseline  for your dogs nose it will prevent the nose from drying out and cracking. Also trimming toenails is something that is required on a
fairly regular basis. You will find that if you play with your puppies feet and pinch his toes (not to hard) this will get him use to having his feet
handled making trimming toenails easier. Just remember not to take to much, you don't want hurt your puppy. If you are unsure of how much
to trim off have your vet show you when you are in for your initial check up. Also if you take to much it could make your puppy afraid of this
simple procedure. You want your puppy to like being groomed this will make it easier on him and on you.

Another thing that is good for your puppy on a regular basis is a product called Advantage Multi or Revolution. They are products that you will
have to pick up at your vets office. They are used to control fleas, some parasites, heart worm, and many other things. It is put on the skin of
your puppy once a month.

Don't forget your yearly vaccinations and a regular deworming plan.
Picking Up Your Puppy
Your bulldog puppy is 8 weeks old and ready to be picked up. When making arrangements with your breeder
to pick up your puppy you may want to take into consideration what time you pick him up. If possible try
making arrangements to pick him up in the morning or early afternoon, as this will give him time to adjust
prior to bedtime. This is not only a big day for you but for your new puppy as well. Another thing to take into
consideration is picking him up on weekend when your puppy has time to adjust before you up and leave it
alone for the first time.

Things To Take With You When Picking Up Your Puppy:
* Directions
* List of any questions you may have
* Puppy Collar/Harness
* Leash
* Paper towels, plastic bags for potty pickups or car sickness
* Small Crate
* Blankets for your puppy
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Preparing For Your Puppy
You have decided to bring a new puppy into your home. You have
found a reputable breeder and you have picked out your puppy and
it will only be a few weeks until the new addition to your family will
arrive home. There are a few things that you will need to do to
prepare for your new family member. Just like you would child
proof your home for young children you should puppy proof your
home for your new puppy. Puppies are very curious and they will
getting your puppy. Bad habits like leaving items laying on the floor
like socks, games, kids toys, books, shoes can be harmful to your
puppy they can chew these items and swallow small pieces causing
them to choke or make them sick.  It is a good idea to break these
habits before getting your puppy so that your puppy doesn't get
into something that its not suppose to.  Make sure to move
anything that you don't want your puppy to have out of your
puppies reach. Your puppy is going to be attracted to anything that
it can chew on especially things that smell like there people.