English Bulldog Breeder in Ontario
English Bulldog breeder in Ontario
We are a small family breeder of English Bulldogs  we are located about 2
hours North West of Toronto and about 1.5 hours North of London. We
have only a few litters a year and we have raised most of our breeding
bulldogs from puppies. All of our English bulldogs play a very special part in
our lives as they are not just pets, they are a huge part of our family. We are
devoted to breeding our English Bulldogs to the best quality bloodlines. Our
bulldogs are of excellent temperament and good sound health. Ultimately
we are dedicated to breed for good quality puppies to go to good quality
loving homes. We bought our first English bulldog 14 years ago, and now we
can not picture our lives without a bulldog around. Our bulldogs bring great
joy to our lives and we want the same for all those that are looking to
purchase a puppy from us.  We are members in good standing with the
(Canadian Kennel Club) Our bulldogs and their puppies are all registered with
the CKC, and we are here for all of our puppy  homes anytime.
If you are considering getting an English Bulldog there is a couple of questions
you should ask yourself first.

Do I have time for a dog?
Do I have the kind of lifestyle that will suit a Bulldog?
Do I mind a dog that snores, and farts?
Do I understand that having a Bulldog  is a lifetime commitment?

Bulldogs are a very affectionate and dependable breed. They are a very gentle
dog and are good with people of all ages they are especially tolerant and patient
with children.  Bulldogs are very persistent and stubborn and  need an owner
that can show leadership and understanding. They thrive on human
companionship so they are forever seeking out attention and are loving every
little bit they get. Bulldogs area very loyal and reliable breed with plenty of
determination. Due to the bulldogs stubbornness and determination many
people think they are stupid breed, and if this is what you think they have you
fooled as they are far from it. They are actually a very intelligent breed of dog. If
your not careful they will train you before you train them. A bulldog is the type
of companion that you can take for a walk and know that he has gotten his
exercise for the day. They are not the type of dog that you would take jogging
with you. Bulldogs can be known to snore and fart and make all sorts of funny
noises. They are a true and loyal friend. They love companionship and this
makes them a wonderful family pet.  Bulldogs are also a very big commitment
and should not be bought on impulse.
Look mom I can smile